One Year On: Amy Jung Reflects

Outgoing Student Liaison Officer, Amy Jung reflects on her role instrument role at the Centre leading student-led initiatives, and forging new partnerships.
Amy Jung outgoing SLO

What have you learned as an SLO for the Centre for Evaluation?

I was exposed to new cutting-edge research methods in evaluation through being part of the Centre for Evaluation as an SLO. I learned about a breadth of research methodologies, associated challenges, and efforts being made by researchers at LSHTM. It was a gratifying experience to learn about how collaborative and expansive research in evaluation is. 


What has been the highlight(s) of your time as a Masters Student at LSHTM ?

The highlights of my time as a masters student at LSHTM are study group sessions with colleagues learning from each other while making memories outside of the classrooms. The sense of support and comradery helped carry me through the intense coursework. It was a unique experience learning not only concepts but also life skills through colleagues who have diverse backgrounds.


Do you have any advice for prospective students?

A piece of advice for incoming students is to actively learn about research being done at LSHTM as there is a plethora of incredible public health research at the school and engage with the research degree students and faculty members. You will learn a lot through interacting with students and faculty conducting research of your interest area.


What are your plans for the future? 

I plan to continue working in international development but with a newfound passion to work relating to disease surveillance in low-and-middle-income countries. I also plan on pursuing a Doctor for Public Health degree in the near future to further develop research skills. 

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