Welcoming our new Steering Committee members

We are delighted to welcome six new experts to our Steering Committee. 
Centre for Evaluation Steering Commitee

The Steering Committee provides strategic advice and guidance to the Centre’s Management Team and oversees the activities of the Centre.

Huge thanks to outgoing members Nicholas Mays, Peter Smith and Daniel Chandramohan for their longstanding service, support and commitment to the Centre.

While Kara Hanson (Professor of Health System Economics and Dean of the Faculty of Public Health and Policy) continues as Chair, she will be joined by the following new members:

  • Brahima Diallo –  an Anthropologist and Postdoctoral Researcher at the MRC Unit The Gambia at LSHTM, since 2019. Brahima currently leads the social science research activities of Improving Hypertension Control in Rural Africa (IHCoR) study in The Gambia. Brahima previously led health system research within the PRECISE Network and formative research in preparation for the PaTS trial. Before joining MCR Unit The Gambia, Brahima worked on several projects on maternal and newborn health and health system research in Mali and Burkina Faso.
  • Charles Opondo – with basic training is as a pharmacist, Charles first joined LSHTM in 2009 to study for an MSc (then PhD) in Medical Statistics. He joined the Department of Medical Statistics in 2014, where he is now an Associate Professor and Co-Director of the Clinical Trials Unit. 
  • Eugene Ruzagira - an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at LSHTM, Eugene leads the HIV Epidemiology and Intervention Programme at MRC/UVRI and LSHTM Uganda Research Unit.
  • Liz Corbett - a Wellcome- and Unitaid-funded Clinical Epidemiologist at LSHTM, Liz’s research in Southern Africa has highlighted the public health importance of undiagnosed infectious disease and provided the evidence-base for international policy change recommending community-level diagnostic interventions for both TB and HIV.
  • Marcella Vigneri - a development economist who specialises in the use of quantitative research methods to investigate a range of policy-relevant topics in international development. 
  • Timothy Powell-Jackson – a Professor of Health Economics in the Department of Global Health and Development with over 15 years of research experience working in LMICs, Timothy applies an economics lens to the study of health systems to better understand how they work and how they can perform better.

We look forward to the future activities of the Centre under their leadership.

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