Mission statement

The mission of the Centre is to improve the design and conduct of public health evaluations through the development, application and dissemination of rigorous methods, and to facilitate the use of robust evidence to inform policy and practice decisions.

The Centre will support and harness expertise across LSHTM relevant to the design, conduct, and use of evaluation research. The Centre will facilitate interactions between staff, collaborating partners, and end users and identify opportunities to strengthen the School’s portfolio of evaluation activities, in pursuit of the following aims:

  1. To stimulate, support, co-ordinate and promote high quality evaluation studies using a broad range of innovative, rigorous and multidisciplinary methods
  2. To develop and promote innovations in methodology and research to improve evaluations of complex interventions, in real systems, taking context into account
  3. To improve the quality, uptake and use of robust evidence in global health policy and practice
  4. To build an effective network across LSHTM research collaborations for advancing rigorous evaluation approaches
  5. To raise visibility of LSHTM as a global resource for expertise in evaluation