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What drives adoption of innovations?

Sebastian Fuller
Dr Sebastian Fuller

Technological innovations have the potential to transform healthcare, yet very few are purchased and successfully integrated into clinical care.

Exploring the case of a new point-of-care test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea detection, this presentation will:

  • unpack key translational challenges involved in bringing this test into sexual health clinics in the UK
  • ask critical questions about current technology development processes, and whether changing these practices could enable technologies to better meet the needs of today’s health system challenges.

About the speaker  

Sebastian S Fuller, PhD, leads the social science programme for the Applied Diagnostic Research and Evaluation Unit (ADREU) at St George’s University of London, Institute for Infection and Immunity.

Sebastian’s research focuses on the use of mixed methods to investigate the social impacts of new technologies on healthcare systems. He leads research studies ranging from the investigation of adoption of new point-of-care tests for STIs into the British healthcare system, understanding the social acceptability of genetic modification of plants to produce healthcare products in Europe, and investigating social and structural barriers and facilitators to implementing diagnostic tests in LMICs. 

This session will be live-streamed and recorded - available to both internal and external audiences.

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