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Understanding Black Lives Matter in Higher Education

Racism has been pandemic for centuries and is now our most urgent public/global health emergency. COVID-19 and the global Black Lives Matter movement not only highlighted the deadly impact of systemic racism on racially minoritised individuals, but finally allowed for the voices of those impacted to be heard and for the perpetrators of racism to collectively recognise the impact of their silence among other things.

While many scholars argue that academia and activism shouldn’t mix, there is a general misunderstanding of the role of movements such as Black Lives Matter – LSHTM. Dismantling colonial legacies and addressing institutional racism should not be defined as activism, but actively internalised as a way to improve the quality and impact of LSHTM work worldwide. In fact, research and research institutions in general are more effective in challenging inequalities if they involve activist community organizations.

In this talk, the Black Lives Matter – LSHTM movement will discuss racism, white people as a demographic whose behaviour needs to be changed and activist research in the public/global health field.



  • Emilie Koum-Besson
  • Amy Gimma 
  • Sham Lal
  • Amber Rose Clarke
  • Meggan Harris

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