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Surely there must be a better way of doing things?

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Ellen Nolte’s inaugural lecture will reflect on her career, taking her from observing muscle cells to studying populations to analysing health services and systems. Much of her work has been around international comparisons of population health, health care and policy, along with ways of assessing the performance of health systems. She has developed an internationally recognised research portfolio around innovative service models that seek to better meet the needs of people with complex and long-term health problems. In her lecture, Ellen will explore the promises and pitfalls of international health care comparisons and what we can learn from them to inform policymaking in the UK.


Ellen Nolte



Ellen’s background is in public health, with a Masters degree (MPH) from the University of Bielefeld, Germany, and a PhD at the LSHTM. She previously led the two London offices of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies at LSHTM and the LSE, and before that led the Health and Healthcare Policy Programme at RAND Europe, Cambridge, where she also co-directed the Cambridge Centre for Health Services Research.

Ellen is co-editor of the Journal of Health Services Research and Policy.


This lecture will be followed by a reception. 


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