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Inaugural Lecture of Professor Ambrose Agweyu

A search for the missing pieces in the childhood pneumonia puzzle

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Do we truly understand why pneumonia is so much more deadly for children in Africa compared to other regions? While progress has been made in reducing pneumonia-related mortality, a substantial burden persists. In his inaugural lecture, Professor Ambrose Agweyu tackles this troubling reality, asking: are we missing something? 

You will hear how a local exercise to adapt global guidelines to Kenya led to new evidence sparking debate on WHO policy for pneumonia risk stratification. Ambrose will also share the dos and don’ts of conducting research and surveillance embedded in routine health services, and hot-off-the-press results from SEARCH, a large pragmatic factorial trial on alternative treatments for pneumonia. The lecture will end by highlighting emerging research linking dietary exposure to aflatoxin, a common contaminant of staple grains in Africa, and severe pneumonia in children.


Professor Ambrose Agweyu, LSHTM


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