Dr Ellen Nolte


Honorary Professor


15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom

01223 273 853

I (re-)joined the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies as coordinator of its the two London offices at the LSE and the LSHTM in October 2014. I was previously Director of the Health and Healthcare Policy programme at RAND Europe, Cambridge, UK and before that, Senior Lecturer at the LSHTM. My background is in public health with a Masters degree in public health (MPH) from the University of Bielefeld, Germany, and a PhD from London University (LSHTM).


Department of Health Services Research and Policy


I teach on Issues in Public Health and Health Systems


My main interest and expertise is in health systems research, international health care comparisons and performance assessment. Over the past 10 years I led a programme of work around international health care comparisons and led major research projects in the field of health services and system responses to chronic disease. I am also experienced in the systematic analysis of population health indicators across European countries, including the application of demographic and epidemiological approaches to understanding factors contributing to population health outcomes.

Research Area
Health care policy
Health policy
Health services research
Health systems
Public health
Quality improvement
International comparisons
Disease and Health Conditions
Chronic disease
Euro area
OECD members

Selected Publications

Is Europe putting theory into practice? A qualitative study of the level of self-management support in chronic care management approaches
Elissen, A.; Nolte, E.; Knai, C.; Brunn, M.; Chevreul, K.; Conklin, A.; Durand-Zaleski, I.; Erler, A.; Flamm, M.; Frolich, A.; Fullerton, B.; Jacobsen, R.; Saz-Parkinson, Z.; Sarria-Santamera, A.; Sonichsen, A.; Vrijhoef, H.
Bmc Health Services Research
Overcoming fragmentation in health care: chronic care in Austria, Germany and The Netherlands.
Nolte, E. ; Knai, C. ; Hofmarcher, M. ; Conklin, A. ; Erler, A. ; Elissen, A. ; Flamm, M. ; Fullerton, B. ; Sönnichsen, A. ; Vrijhoef, H.J. ;
Health Econ Policy Law
Learning from other countries: an on-call facility for health care policy.
Nolte, E.; Ettelt, S.; Thomson, S.; Mays, N.;
J Health Serv Res Policy
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