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​​Learning, evaluating and analyzing a recommendation rule for early blood transfer in the ICU​

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​​Severely injured patients experiencing hemorrhagic shock often require massive transfusion. Early transfusion of blood products (plasma, platelets and red blood cells) is common and associated with improved outcomes in the hospital. However, determining the right amount of blood products is still a matter of scientific debate.   

Professor Antoine Chambaz will present and discuss a methodology to learn, evaluate and analyze a recommendation rule for early blood transfer in the ICU. The study uses data from the French Traumabase, a French observatory for Major Trauma.  

​This is a joint work with Pan Zhao (Inria), Julie Josse (Inria), Nicolas Gatulle (APHP) and the Traumabase Group.



Free and open to all, online and in person. No registration required. A recording of this session will be available after the event on this page.


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