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​​CFO: Calibration-free odds design for phase I/II clinical trials​

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​​In this seminar, Professor Guosheng Yin (Imperial College) will present his proposal for calibration-free odds (CFO) design for Phase I trials (joint work with Huaqing Jin). 

​​In the development of new cancer treatment, an essential step is to determine the maximum tolerated dose in a phase I clinical trial. To use the data more efficiently yet without imposing any model assumption, Professor Yin proposes a calibration-free odds (CFO) design for phase I trials. Further, the CFO design is extended to seamless phase I/II trials, which aim to identify the optimal biological dose (OBD). The design enhances the accuracy and robustness for identification of OBD.  

​​For toxicity monitoring, the CFO design casts the current dose in competition with its two neighboring doses to obtain an admissible set. For efficacy monitoring, CFO selects the dose that has the largest posterior probability to achieve the highest efficacy under the Bayesian paradigm.  

​In contrast to most of the existing designs, the prominent merit of CFO is that its main dose-finding component is model-free and calibration-free, which can greatly ease the burden on artificial input of design parameters and thus enhance the robustness and objectivity of the design.​ 


​​Professor Guosheng Yin

​​Professor Guosheng Yin, Chair in Statistics, Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London​ 


Free and open to all, online and in person. No registration required.