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Health sector priority setting: considering poverty, health systems and the economy

Professor Anna Vassall discusses the challenges of determining health sector priorities considering: the impact of health services on poverty; health systems performance; and, wider consequences for public finance and the economy.

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She reflects on a career supporting health service providers, governments and global health agencies allocate resources to different areas of the health sector: and the role of economic evidence in supporting health priority setting. She highlights some of the successes and challenges in bringing together evidence rooted in different disciplines and assessing the societal impact of our health related choices.

About the speaker

Professor Anna Vassall

Professor Anna Vassall (PhD) worked for twenty years in health planning, policy and financing. Since joining LSHTM, she has developed a research programme specialising in the economics of HIV services for key populations, sexual and reproductive health, gender-based violence prevention, tuberculosis (TB) and more recently COVID-19.

She was awarded the Joep Lange Chair at the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health, University of Amsterdam in 2018 and has held several advisory roles for the World Health Organisation.

In 2020, Anna took up the role of Director of the Centre of Health Economics in London (CHiL), a disciplinary hub of health economists working in the Faculty of Public Health and Policy at LSHTM.


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