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Health for all? Access to healthcare for people with disabilities

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There are one billion people with disabilities globally. That is one in seven of the world’s population. On average, people with disabilities have poorer health and worse access to healthcare than others in the population, because of the marginalisation and exclusion that they face. As a result, people with disabilities are dying 10-20 years earlier. This issue is not just a violation of rights, but it also means that global health goals will be difficult to meet.

In this talk, we will share data and personal perspectives on the relationship between disability and poor health. We will present a new vision for a disability-inclusive health system and explain how it will work better for all. The panel will include research experts, people with lived experience, and a doctoral student. The talk will be relevant to anyone who is interested in research in low resource settings, the health of marginalised groups and health system strengthening.


Professor Hannah Kuper, LSHTM and Professor Tom Shakespeare, LSHTM


Please note that you can join this event in person or you can join the session remotely. 


Free and open to all. No registration required.