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Greenwood Lecture: Severe Malaria, Nodding Syndrome and Wisdom Teeth

Dr Richard Idro

Dr Richard Idro, winner of the Greenwood Africa Award 2019, is a Senior Lecturer at Makerere University, Honorary Consultant Paediatrician and Paediatric Neurologist at Mulago Hospital, Uganda, and Visiting Research Fellow in Tropical Medicine at the University of Oxford.

In this inaugural Greenwood Lecture, Dr Richard Idro will chart his career in medicine and clinical research from his early work on the prevention of HIV/AIDS in adolescents and interactions between HIV and malaria, before detailed clinical studies into the prognostic features of cerebral malaria led him into child neurology.  

Receipt of the MRC/DFID  African Research Leadership Award in 2015 funded research into nodding syndrome, a poorly understood condition affecting thousands of children in South Sudan, northern Uganda and south Tanzania. His track record in research has culminated in leadership roles working with the Uganda Medical Association, the Severe Malaria Technical Committee of WHO, the International League against Epilepsy and the International Child Neurology Association.

More recently, Dr Idro’s work has expanded into studies of brain injury in sickle cell anaemia, viral encephalitis and childhood epilepsy.

The Greenwood Lecture ”Severe Malaria, Nodding Syndrome and Wisdom Teeth” will take place on Thursday 7th March at 12:45pm in the John Snow Theatre, and will be hosted by the Malaria Centre.


The Greenwood Africa Award 2019, inaugurated to mark Sir Brian Greenwood’s 80th birthday last year, recognises the research achievements and future potential of an African scientist in contributing to the control of infectious disease in sub-Saharan Africa.

As the first-ever winner of the Award, Dr Richard Idro will be resident at the School from Tuesday 5th March to Friday 8th March. He will be based in the Department of Clinical Research in Room 359 Keppel Street - contact Heidi Hopkins to arrange a meeting with Dr Idro or to invite him to participate in an event during his time at LSHTM.


The lecture is available to watch on Vimeo


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