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Integrative metabolomic and transcriptomic analysis reveals host-parasite dynamics in falciparum malaria

Looking at mechanisms of host–parasite interactions in vivo in malaria

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Unveiling the mechanisms of host–parasite interactions in vivo in malaria can lead to the development of antimalarial strategies adapted to physiologically relevant contexts. We implemented a strategy that combines prospective population sampling and multi-omics profiling of host-parasite responses with a focus on studying transcriptomes, metabolomes and lipidomes of children sampled before and during the blood-stage infection across three ethnic groups in Burkina Faso. This strategy provided a high-resolution depiction of metabolic perturbations induced in vivo by P. falciparum and revealed clinically relevant molecular nuances and host-parasite interactions within the human host.


Youssef Idaghdour

Youssef Idaghdour is a Global Network Associate Professor of Biology and Co-Director of the Public Health Research Center at New York University Abu Dhabi. Dr. Idaghdour received a Ph.D. in Genetics at North Carolina State University under a Fulbright Fellowship and was a Banting Postdoctoral Fellow at Sainte-Justine Research Center in Montreal prior to joining NYU Abu Dhabi, where he established a research programme on population and medical genomics of complex traits with a focus on the host immune response to infection, immunometabolism and host-parasite interactions in malaria using multi-omics approaches.

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