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Food: A guilt-free future


This event is part of the first ever London Climate Action Week (LCAW) which will take place between 1 to 8 July.

The enormous variety of food available to us can leave us overwhelmed and anxious about the effects on the environment. How can we look after our own health and the health of the planet? Alan Dangour, Director of the Centre on Climate Change and Planetary Health at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (and a registered Public Health Nutritionist) helps untangle the web of choices, drawing on research into healthy eating and the impact on food production on carbon emissions, water consumption and land use, suggesting simple ways we can make a difference.

The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine has recently launched the Centre on Climate Change and Planetary Health.  The Centre identifies and supports the implementation of solutions to the challenges to human health caused by climate and environmental change. This requires world-leading transdisciplinary research, increased understanding and engagement with planetary health evidence, and an empowered generation of planetary health researchers and advocates. This event will adhere to all of these principles. It is open and accessible to all.




This session will be live-streamed and recorded

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Open to all, seats available on first come, first served basis.