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Estimating adaptive treatment strategies for survival outcomes

Causal inference for survival outcomes webinar series 

A series of four sessions on modern concepts and methods relating to estimation of effects of treatments or exposures on survival and other time-to-event outcomes. This is the second session of the series.  

Dynamic weighted ordinary least squares (dWOLS) was proposed as a simple, regression-based approach for estimating optimal adaptive treatment strategies, that is, sequences of rules that tailor treatments to evolving individual patient characteristics. The approach has since been adapted to a censored outcome context.  

In this talk, Professor Erica Moodie will give an overview of dWOLS and its extension to censored (“survival”) outcomes. Applications will be examined to consider both the strengths and challenges of estimating optimal strategies using large, clinical databases. 


Professor Erica Moodie, Professor of Biostatistics and Canada Research Chair in Statistical Methods for Precision Medicine, McGill University, Canada 

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