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Climate change and undernutrition through the lens of incomes, food prices, and peasants

This lunchtime seminar will explore the relation between climate change and undernutrition, and will be presented by Simon Lloyd. It will begin by giving an overview of how we know what we know about the potential impacts of climate change on undernutrition at the global-level and identifying blind-spots in our knowledge. Following this, two new approaches will be discussed (the first recently published, the second a work-in-progress) that shift the focus away from the quantity and quality of food produced in order to look more closely at undernutrition risk in the people who actually produce the food, in particular producer-consumer peasant farmers. 


About the speaker:

Simon Lloyd is a Research Fellow and part-time PhD student from the Department of Public Health, Environments and Society at LSHTM. His main area of interest is climate change and health. He has worked on a number of global- and European-level projects assessing how climate change may impact on outcomes including undernutrition, coastal floods, labour productivity and diarrhoeal disease.  His PhD looks at climate change and undernutrition, focussing on how multiple independent models - each adopting a different perspective and making different assumptions, and each providing different but complementary insights - may be used to develop our understanding.”


This session will be live-streamed/recorded - accessible to both internal and external audience

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Open to all, seats available on first come, first served basis.