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​​Sustainability Now! Action-Oriented Solutions for Food Systems, Nutrition, and Diet – London Hub ​

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​​LSHTM will host an innovative hybrid hub joining the Tufts Nutrition Data Symposium held on 8 March 2023. We will connect with students, researchers and academics for a key note presentation by Dr Catherine Nakalembe from the University of Maryland and NASA Harvest, as well as a Q&A and social event providing us with an opportunity to share, discuss, and explore diverse opinions, experiences, and expertise on emerging topics in the fields of nutrition and public health sciences. Snacks and drinks will be provided. ​ 

​​At LSHTM sustainability is at the centre of our values. We have set the ambitious target of reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2030. To ensure we achieve this we are continuously reducing our carbon emissions including emissions generated by travel. In partnership, with the Centre on Climate Change and Planetary Health, the ANH Academy and the Planetary Health Network we are proud to host this hub - an innovative event format to join the Tufts Nutrition Data Symposium for a keynote presentation, Q&A and social event. We aim to provide participants with all the benefits of an in-person conference and networking event, without the need to travel to a venue. We will employ new solutions to re-create the social aspects of connecting with fellow students and researchers, not just in the same room, but also with those joining from around the globe. ​ 


​​Dr Catherine Nakalembe, ​University of Maryland and NASA Harvest  

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Agriculture, Nutrition & Health Academy
Centre of Climate Change and Planetary Health
Planetary Health Network



Free and open to all. No registration required.


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