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Careers in Planetary Health

LSHTM Planetary Health Week 2021

From 19 to 23 April, the Planetary Health Network is organising the LSHTM Planetary Health Week.

LSHTM Planetary Health Week aims to engage the LSHTM community in all things planetary health. We will explore solutions to the climate crisis and showcase ongoing planetary health research at LSHTM. LSHTM Planetary Health Week is organised by the Planetary Health Network, supported by LSHTM Centre on Climate Change and Planetary Health.

Careers in Planetary Health

This event aims to showcase career options that relate to planetary health. We will hear from a range of speakers with experience in different sectors including research, civil society, funders, and charity. The panel will discuss topics such as food waste, planetary health research, biodiversity.

The panel will speak about their career and role, highlighting:   

  • Career path to date 
  • Skills required in specific sectors 
  • The links between their work to planetary health 
  • The role of planetary health research in supporting sector/role 
  • Future development in each sector 

The majority of the event will be dedicated to discussion and questions from the audience. This event is open to all students, researchers and members of the public who are interested in planetary health or who want to learn about different career choices. 



Lucy Watkinson, HM Treasury

Lucy is an Economist on the independent review team at HM Treasury, working on The Economics of Biodiversity: The Dasgupta Review. Previously, she worked as an Economist at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, focusing on environmental economic analysis. Before joining the civil service, she completed an MSc in Development Economics at SOAS. Her work focuses on environmental economic theory and analysis, and the implications for public policy and the finance sector.  

Dr Peninah Murage, LSHTM

Peninah is the co-Deputy Director of the LSHTM Centre on Climate Change and Planetary Health. Prior to joining LSHTM, she completed a PhD in population and health geography. She has extensive experience working in public health policy, having previously worked with both Public Health England and the Department of Health. Her research focuses on examining the health effects of changes in the environment, focusing on climate change and adaptation and mitigation.  

Dr Lukasz Aleksandrowicz, Wellcome Trust

Lukasz is a Portfolio Manager for the Wellcome Trust’s Our Planet, Our Health programme, and looks after funding operations and strategy within the team’s focus area of global environmental change and population health. He completed his PhD with LSHTM on the topic of sustainable diets in India. Prior to this, he worked on the Indian Million Death Study. He has a range of interests in public health and has worked on several health and nutrition challenges with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), World Health Organization (WHO), LSHTM, and the Global Panel on Agricultural and Food Systems for Nutrition.  

Anne Elkins, The Felix Project

Anne is the Schools Programme Manager at The Felix Project, a London-based food redistribution charity, set up to tackle both problems of food waste and food poverty. She graduated from the LSHTM MSc in Nutrition for Global Health in 2015. 

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Follow webinar link. Free and open to all. No registration required.