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Anorectal chlamydia in MSM and women

Dr Genevieve van Liere

Dr van Liere’s talk will be about anorectal chlamydia in men-who-have-sex-with-men (MSM) and women. For her PhD research, she evaluated the current testing policy of selective testing on indication for anorectal chlamydia. The research used routine universal anorectal testing to assess how many anorectal infections would be missed with selective testing. In this talk, Dr van Liere will present the positivity rates that she found using selective testing versus routine universal testing. She will also look into the anatomic site distribution of chlamydia in MSM and women, and discuss implications of these findings for policy and practice.

Dr Genevieve van Liere is a postdoctoral researcher with a special interest in Public Health. Her background is in epidemiology; she studied Health Sciences specialized in infectious diseases. She works for the Public Health Service South Limburg, in collaboration with Maastricht University, both in the Netherlands. her ambition is to optimize healthcare by innovative and practice driven research. The focus of her research is STIs, especially extra-genital STIs.          

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