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The analysis of active-control trials: missing the point

In this talk, Professor Dunn will discuss the analysis of active-control trials with a time-to-event outcome. He will show that the standard metric used in such trials, the rate ratio or rate difference comparing experimental and control arms, may not be the most clinically relevant measure.  An alternative measure will be proposed, which requires specification of one of two unobserved parameters. The problem will be exemplified by studies from HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis, TB preventative treatment, and COVID-19 vaccines. The talk will not be statistically challenging. 

In this hybrid event, Professor Dunn questions whether the standard analysis of time-to-event outcomes is the most clinically relevant one, and proposes an alternative. This seminar will be of interest to those working in clinical trials and epidemiology. 


David Dunn, Professor of Medical Statistics at the MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL 

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