LSHTM Welcome Week Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to LSHTM! It’s time to team up with some of your new LSHTM buddies and begin exploring with our Welcome Week Scavenger Hunt.
A view of LSHTM from Malet Street

We’ve put together a list of interesting features and landmarks from around the LSHTM buildings and our charming local area, Bloomsbury, to help you get to know your surroundings. So, find a few teammates (we recommend 2-5 friends) and start exploring! Some of the questions require photos, so get creative! 

Please submit your team entries in a document or email to to be in with a chance of winning some LSHTM merchandise. The competition will close on Friday 6th October

  1. Name the three women whose names were added to the frieze outside LSHTM’s building in 2019. 

  1. Find the replica Nobel Prize on campus. Who was it awarded to and why? 

  1. Take a photo with the replica pump handle outside the John Snow lecture theatre.

  1. Which artist created the carving above the entrance to the library? 

  1. Test out the library armchairs and take a photo in your favourite chair. 

  1. Take a selfie with any member of LSHTM staff. Find out their name and what they do (remember to get their permission). 

  1. How many art deco chandeliers are in the library? 

  1. Find the entrance to the British Museum and take a photo of it (you don’t need to go in, but it’s free if you’d like to!) 

  1. Find Russell Square and take a photo of your team enjoying the gardens. 

  1. Find a red telephone box and get a photo of you or your team with it. 

Finished the Scavenger Hunt but want to explore a bit more? Here are some recommendations of other things you could do in the local area during your studies:

  • Visit the Wellcome Collection near Euston station and find unusual medical artefacts in the exhibitions. 

  • Visit the Thursday Bloomsbury Farmer’s market to try some delicious food from around the globe. 

  • Go for a walk around Regent’s Park and see if you can spot any animals from ZSL London Zoo through the trees or along the canal path.

  • Visit the Charles Dickens Museum. 

  • Visit the Senate House Library at the University of London campus (did you know you can study here too?). 

  • Visit the British Library, home to one copy of every book ever published in the UK and Ireland!

  • Visit the British Museum, with a range of interesting exhibitions and beautiful architecture. Entry is free!

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