MSc Health Policy, Planning & Financing (pre-course info)

General welcome

On behalf of both schools, a very warm welcome to the MSc Health Policy, Planning & Financing. We look forward to meeting you and hope you will find the programme stimulating and enjoyable.

If you have any concerns or questions between now and the start of the MSc, you can contact:

Tracey Chantler (LSHTM), Justin Parkhurst and Mylene Lagarde (LSE)
Programme Directors


At the start of the programme, you will need to enrol formally at both LSHTM and LSE to obtain access to all the resources of both schools.

LSHTM: please visit our Pre-arrival & enrolment FAQs page.
LSE: please visit the LSE Registration page.

Welcome Week

Welcome Week timetable

Please note: LSE's Welcome Week is week commencing Monday 18th September, LSHTM's Welcome Week is week commencing Monday 25th September.

Tutors & Mentors

One of the first tasks we have is to allocate students a personal mentor/tutor (LSE uses the term mentor/mentee, LSHTM uses the term tutor/tutee).

To assist us in doing this, we ask that incoming students please fill in this short survey by Friday 15th September which the Programme Directors will then use to allocate students. Many thanks for your assistance.


When you arrive at LSHTM, your Programme Director will invite you to participate in a Pentacell, an activity that strengthens the School community, increases our wellbeing and forwards our goal of improving global health. The idea is deceptively simple – five students meet weekly for five weeks and listen to each other’s ideas and perspectives. It’s not compulsory but is strongly recommended by our School's Director, Liam Smeeth, Programme Directors, Student Support Services and former students.

Feedback from previous students:

“It was nice to be able to connect with people on my programme that I wouldn't necessarily have spoken to otherwise and it was a good way to make friends at the beginning.”

“Our Pentacell group chose not always to follow the exact guidelines for each session, and instead focused more on getting to know members of our programme better. I enjoyed the Pentacell experience we had, as it helped develop interpersonal relationships with those on my programme.”

“It gave me an opportunity to meet people on my programme. It also helped me develop interpersonal skills.” 

“Very pleasant experience especially for me as an international student who moved to the UK for the 1st time.”

LSE information and support


If you require any support from LSE during the Welcome Week or LSE enrolment period you can contact and the team will be able to advise you.

LSE Careers

The LSE Careers team are looking forward to supporting you in your career plans whilst you are here at LSE. They run a range of events across the year which can help you with all aspects of career development, enable you to hear from employers and network with health policy alumni. Once you arrive, you will have access to CareerHub – an online platform with listing of jobs, internships and events as well as opportunities to book individual appointments with their team of career consultants. Find out more about the LSE Careers team.

LSE Life

LSE LIFE is the academic, personal and professional development centre for undergraduate and master’s students at LSE. Housed in a specially designed space on the ground floor of the Library, it hosts an extensive programme of one to one, small group and workshop-style events designed to help you acquire and develop skills that will complement your academic studies and equip you for whatever you choose to do after LSE Life. Find out more about LSE Life.

Disability and wellbeing

LSE is committed to enabling all students to achieve their full potential in an environment characterised by dignity and mutual respect and aims to ensure that all individuals are treated equitably. To this end, the School’s Disability and Wellbeing Service (DWS), part of the wider Student Wellbeing Service, provides a free, confidential service to all LSE students and is a first point of contact for all students with disabilities, prospective and current. Find out more about services provided by the DWS.

Student services

The LSE Student Services Centre offers a range of services to support you throughout your time at the LSE. Visit their webpages and discover what each team does and how you can contact them.

Student Hub

All students are encouraged to download the Student Hub app, on which you can view your timetables, events and deadlines in one convenient place. You can also use this tool to book and manage meetings with your Academic Mentor, and receive notifications about timetable changes and department updates. Please visit the Student Hub information page for information on how to download the app.

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