Direct loan disbursements

Federal Direct Loan funds are disbursed in 3 instalments, at the start of each term. The first disbursement will be requested once you have enrolled at the start of the academic year. Subsequent instalments of the loans will be requested at the beginning of the Spring and Summer terms, providing you are still enrolled and maintaining satisfactory academic progress.

The loan instalments are usually disbursed 2-3 weeks after the start of each term – you should take this into account when planning your finances. The initial disbursement will be by GBP cheque, which will take time to clear through your bank.

Loan fees

The US Department of Education applies an origination fee charge on loans. LSHTM does not apply any charges on loan funds. The US Department of Education charges are different for Direct Unsubsidized loans and Direct PLUS loans. For details of the interest rates and fees charged please see the Federal Student Aid website.

Paying your tuition fees 

Each disbursement is paid directly to LSHTM. After each disbursement is received, the tuition fees due for the term will be deducted and any remaining balance will be refunded to you.

The LSHTM Tuition Fees Policy states that all students must pay tuition fees in full by the start of the course. However, US federal loan holders are granted an exception to pay tuition fees in instalments in line with the loan disbursements.

Receiving your loan funds for living costs

After the deduction of tuition fees any remaining loan funds will be refunded directly into your UK bank account, with exception of your first instalment which will be raised as a cheque in Great British Pounds (GBP). We advise that you open a UK bank account as soon as you can following your enrolment with at LSHTM.

You should ensure that you have funds to cover your travel to LSHTM plus living expenses for approximately 4-6 weeks after your arrival, to allow time for the initial disbursement to be processed and for the cheque to be paid into your UK bank account.


Your eligibility to continue to receive Direct Loan funds depends on you making satisfactory academic progress. Please see the LSHTM satisfactory academic progress policy.

Students who are not making satisfactory academic progress will be put on probation and may become ineligible to receive US Federal Loans.