Additional scholarship information

All available scholarships funding is advertised on the LSHTM Funding pages via the:

For the purpose of this funding, the terms scholarship and studentship may be used interchangeably.

Overview of the LSHTM-administered scholarships application steps

Step 1

Applicants should check LSHTM Funding tables for individual web page adverts for available funding (these are updated whenever new funding is made available, with most funding advertised between October and March each year. We would encourage applicants to review the table/s on a regular basis to ensure they don’t miss any potential opportunities.

At any given time, the adverts available are the only funding currently on offer. The Scholarships team often receives email queries about any ‘other’ funding available. There is no ‘other’ funding or secret pot of funding only available to those who ask. Whenever new funding is made available the Scholarships team will update the relevant website pages. Therefore, we would encourage applicants to review these pages regularly.

Each advert will state exactly what funding is available as part of the specific studentship. Anyone offered an award will only be offered what is shown on the advert. For example: If a studentship advert states that the award is for tuition fees only the award offered (and accepted) will be for tuition fees. It will not cover any other unstated costs such as flights, visa application costs, stipend etc. 

No funding is provided for dependents unless this is outlined in the specific scholarship advert.

Step 2

Applicants should read through all adverts to find suitable funding. Suitable means:

  • it is an appropriate programme (MSc) or project (research degree (RD)) which matches the applicant’s interests and career trajectory;
  • the applicant meets all of the eligibility criteria;
  • the deadline has not yet passed.

Step 3

Every applicant must apply for each scholarship separately by using the instructions and links found on the specific scholarship’s LSHTM web page advert.

Applicants must meet all of the eligibility criteria set out in the advert. An application will be excluded from the final review where any single essential criterion is missed (the Scholarships panel will not consider applications where the applicant has met some but not all of the essential criteria.)

Applicants can apply for as many of the scholarships advertised as they are eligible for. There is no limit to the number of scholarship opportunities (individual pots of funding in a given academic year) that a person can apply for.

Applicants must only apply for each scholarship once. If two applications are received from an applicant for the same scholarship in the same recruitment round only the first one received will be considered. We would therefore encourage applicants to check carefully their online application and attachment/s before submission, as the first application submitted will be the one considered.

Most scholarship opportunities require applicants to apply for admission in advance of/alongside their application for funding. Please check the specific advert carefully as details will be confirmed. Where an application for admission to a programme of study is required applicants are advised to complete this as early as possible, and well in advance of the scholarship deadline.

(For Master’s programme applicants only: LSHTM charges a GBP 50.00 admissions application fee. Applying early will allow time for the applicant’s admissions application fee payment to be processed. Until the payment is processed applicants will be unable to submit an application for study. We would therefore recommend that applicants for funding complete and submit their application for study as far in advance as possible, and at least 1-2 weeks before the date they need to have submitted by at the latest, to allow for timely processing and to ensure that there are no Admissions or payment processing delays which could impact on meeting scholarship deadlines. Unfortunately, the Scholarships team cannot arrange any admissions application fee payment waivers.)

Applicants should only press ‘submit’ when all the necessary attachments have been uploaded to the application (either/both Admissions and Scholarships), as it is not possible to add documents afterwards.

Incomplete applications will not be considered for funding. Incomplete applications include those with missing supplementary documentation for either/both the application to study and the scholarship application. Both must be complete in advance of the scholarship deadline.

For Master’s programme applicants only: Applicants whose application for study is successful will be asked to pay a deposit (where LSHTM administers the admissions process this will be within 28 days of the offer of admission being sent). Applicants applying for scholarships at LSHTM must email the Admissions Team to advise that they are awaiting the scholarship outcome (applicants must provide the Admissions team with both the name of the scholarship and the expected decision date in this email). This must be repeated for every application for which the applicant has applied. The LSHTM Admissions team will then extend the deposit deadline to match the decision deadline of the scholarship funding.

Applicants who encounter any technical difficulties whilst using the online scholarships application form should, in the first instance, try clearing their browser cache and ensuring that they are using the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari. If this does not fix the technical issue, please contact LSHTM’s IT Services team, providing the full name of the applicant; the scholarship that is being applied for; and the technical issue that has been encountered. Please also attach a screen shot where possible:

Step 4

All applications received for a scholarship will be held in the system until the deadline date has passed. All applications will only be reviewed and processed after the deadline.

All applications that are submitted before/by the deadline will be considered equally, regardless of the actual submission date. Unless an advert clearly states otherwise, applicants should assume that no LSHTM scholarships are awarded on a first come first serve basis. Instead, all complete eligible applications are considered on individual merit.   

Applications must be submitted by the deadline. Applications that have been started but not submitted by the deadline will not be processed (as the Scholarships team does not have access to the data until after submission).

Step 5

Once the deadline has passed, the Scholarships team will process all applications received. As part of this, they will check eligibility as set out in the LSHTM web page advert (application and programme of study; nationality etc) and open all documents submitted.

Any application that do not meet specifications set out in the advert or that is incomplete will be rejected at this stage. Any applications submitted after the deadline will also be rejected.

Remaining applications will be passed to the relevant academic panel/s for review and shortlisting. (This may be a single step process or may involve multiple panels, depending on the nature of the funding.)

The academic panel will provide the Scholarships team with a final, ranked list of awards and reserves.

Step 6

The Scholarships team will contact all applicants with the outcome.

  • Successful applicants (those offered scholarship funding) will receive an email from the Scholarships team with an informal offer of award.
  • Unsuccessful applicants are likely to be sent an automated email from the Scholarships application system. Due to the large number of and variety of applications being processed, the Scholarships Team is unable to provide individual feedback to applicants. However, if a scholarship panel requests that feedback is given to individuals, this information will be forwarded to the applicant along with their decision.

Each advert will confirm the date by which applicants should expect to be informed of the outcome of their application for funding. Applicants are asked not to contact the Scholarships team to ask about the outcome in advance of the advertised date as it is unlikely that we will be able to give you a decision.

The standard offer of admission for a programme of study is not connected to scholarship funding (and therefore does not confirm any scholarship awards). Applicants should note that ‘sponsorship’ on an LSHTM offer of admission letter refers to UK government licensing to allow Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to ‘sponsor’ students on student/study visas.

Step 7

Successful applicants (also referred to as award recipients) are expected to respond to the email offer of a scholarship by the deadline set out. In the absence of a response by that deadline, the Scholarships team will assume that the award recipient is declining the offer. This award will then be offered to the next ranked applicant instead.

Once a studentship award offer has been accepted by an applicant the Scholarships team will follow up with a formal scholarship award letter, which should be used to confirm funding to Admissions, Fees, Student visa team.

Successful applicants must ensure that they meet the conditions of their offer of admission as soon as possible.

If, for any reason, an award recipient is unable to take up their place of study (and therefore their scholarship) they must inform the Scholarships team of this immediately.

Award recipients should note that it is not possible to defer a scholarship funding award from one academic year to the next (although applicants can reapply if the same funding is available again the following application cycle).

For any queries about the application process, scholarship requirements or application deadline, please contact the LSHTM Scholarships team: