Bloomsbury and East London Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) – Quantitative Social Science pathway


Pathway Leader: Lorraine Dearden. Email:

Team Member: Ruth Keogh. Email:

For a full list of Team Members and details of the Quantitative Social Science pathway, please see the ESRC UBEL DTP web pages.

Quantitative Social Science pathway

LSHTM is a leading global centre for quantitative research.  The Quantitative Social Science pathway at LSHTM has a focus on Longitudinal Analysis and Design.  We welcome any project topic falling under this broad remit, including projects in medical statistics, epidemiology, clinical trials and beyond.  Projects can involve development of statistical methodology for analysis of longitudinal studies, can focus on a substantive application involving longitudinal data, or may focus on the design and conduct of longitudinal studies.

PhD students on the Quantitative Science Pathway can be based in any faculty, but have tended to be based in the Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health or the Faculty of Public Health and Policy.  The Faculty of Epidemiology & Population Health is home to the largest grouping of epidemiologists in Europe with research expertise ranging from clinical trials, statistical analysis genetic epidemiology, large-scale observational studies and field trials through to the design and evaluation of clinical and public health interventions in low, middle and high-income countries.  The Faculty of Public Health and Policy is the largest multi-disciplinary public health group in Europe and encompasses the disciplines of epidemiology, public health medicine, economics, political science, international relations, anthropology, sociology, history, psychology, statistics and mathematics.

Application procedure

Funding is available for 3 years of doctoral study, and applicants will typically already have completed a Master’s degree, such as MSc in Medical StatisticsHealth Data ScienceEpidemiology or a related field with a strong quantitative component.  Please see the Preliminary Application Guidance on the ESRC UBEL DTP website for further information.

This is an open competition for ESRC studentships on any topic that falls within the remit of the pathway.  In order to progress through the preliminary and final selection process you will need to have contacted a relevant staff member at LSHTM who would be willing to be your supervisor and support your application.

Interested students should contact the DTP representative, Ruth Keogh for an initial discussion. 

Students with specific project ideas may also approach potential supervisors at the School for discussion.  To make direct contact with prospective supervisors you can search for staff members and their interests via the Department of Medical Statistics on the School’s website.