China Medical Board Global Health Leadership Development Program FAQs

Regarding the First-round selection process

What should the personal statement discuss?

This should describe your interest in global health, relevant past experiences, motivation for applying to the program, and how it will enable you to achieve your career goals.

What should be included on my CV?

The CV should detail your education/training, awards/honors, work experience, past experiences abroad for work or study (location, duration, type of activities and sponsoring organization), research experience, publications/conference presentations/abstracts, personal interests.

Does everyone need to submit an official transcript?

For applicants who are currently enrolled in a graduate program, an official transcript is requested. For those who are not currently graduate students, a transcript is not required.

Who should I request letters of recommendation from?

Letters of recommendation should be from your current mentors or supervisors and should describe personal and professional strengths, accomplishments, leadership potential, the impact that the fellowship will have on career development, and likelihood of success as a global health practitioner.

Regarding the Second-round selection process

What will the living stipend and research stipend include and what will be the paying mechanism?

Fellows will receive the equivalent of USD 35,568 as a living stipend. It is based on up to 3 months in London and at least 9 months in one of the LMIC. It is expected to cover all living expenses including rent, meals and other minor, non-research related expenses.

The Research (Project and Training) stipend includes provisions for training, fieldwork, other costs (books, materials, dissemination, publication), and institutional visitor fees, where relevant. Fellows will receive the equivalent of USD 25,000 and an individual plan will be developed with each scholar. Payments will be released directly (for bigger expenses) or as a reimbursement (for smaller expenses)

Will the program help me find accommodation in London and the LMIC site?

The trainees will be contacted by the LSHTM program manager and LMIC site mentors ahead of the program start date, to assist in finding suitable accommodation options. The rent will be settled by the trainees, out of the living stipend provided.

Is this fellowship program the same as all other post-doc fellowships at LSHTM? What kind of recognition will I receive from LSHTM?

Trainees will be treated as postdoctoral fellows and will receive a Certificate for completing the program. Postdoctoral fellowships are not a degree program.

Will travel be covered by the program and in what way?

All necessary travel costs, including visa application fees, health & travel insurance, vaccination, international flights from China - UK- LMIC site - China, will be covered by the program. The trainees are expected to apply for and obtain necessary visas to the UK and LMIC destination prior to leaving China. The health & travel insurance as well as flights will be arranged by LSHTM

My supervisor in China is very supportive of my application and very interested in joining this co-mentorship. At what stage and how should he/she contact the LSHTM and site mentors to discuss my project proposal and training plan?

The applicant's mentor or supervisor in China is encouraged to take part in the program. He/she will be welcome to join discussions during the trainee-mentor matching and proposal & training plans development stages in the second-round selection process.

Will I design my own project in the area of my interest with the support of my mentors or will I participate in an existing project led by my mentors and his/her team?

It could be either way, depending on discussions and agreement between the candidate and his/her potential mentors.

If I already have some working connections in the LMIC site where I will go to, can I include these connections into my project design?

Yes, and this should be discussed with the mentors during the proposal preparation stage.

To complete the fellowship, is there any end-point evaluation and/or minimum output requirement?

Towards the end of the program, each fellow will be invited to a CMB-LSHTM-Yale virtual meeting to present progress and achievements based on their individual plan objectives. In addition, an end-of-program report will be submitted to the CMB by the fellow and the mentors.

Could COVID-19 bring any uncertainties to this program? What happens if the COVID-19 situation in China/the UK/LIMC site worsen, causing international travel restrictions?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the overseas program operating institutions and the host institutions of the LMIC sites will follow local regulations and policies on COVID-19 prevention and control to make travel and training arrangements for the fellows. The fellows should strictly take personal protection when working, living, and traveling in relevant countries, and maintain regular communication with their mentors and program organizers.

What kind of visa should I apply for entering the UK? Will CMB and LSHTM help with my UK visa application? Where, when, and how should I apply for the visa for entering the LMIC site country?

The fellow will need to apply for a UK Standard Visitor visa prior to leaving China. The Staff Immigration & Compliance Office at LSHTM will help assist the application by issuing a support letter. The fellow will also need to apply for and obtain a suitable entry visa for the LMIC prior to leaving China. The relevant embassy or consulate of the destination country in China should be contacted for more information. The fellow could also contact PKUHSC in receiving necessary pre-departure support and guidance.

If I am selected into the second-round selection, will I be allowed to change my preferred LMIC site and mentors different from what I indicated in the application form and personal statement?

Yes, that should be possible.

How will LSHTM assess if my preferred mentor team and I are a good match? What will be the evaluation criteria?

This will depend on available projects, skills and experience.