Unit commemorates World Asthma Day

3rd May was World Asthma Day and the Unit commemorated it at an event held at Grade A Hospital gardens. The event which comprised of information sharing sessions on causes, presentation and management of asthma was attended by parents and teachers whose children are participating in the Study on Asthma and parasitic infections among children (SONA) that is being conducted by the Unit.

The study being conducted in the areas of Entebbe and Wakiso seeks to among others investigate the increased prevalence of asthma in urban areas compared with rural areas. The study will also investigate whether or not there is a correlation between Asthma and worms as preliminary work shows that children with hookworm infestation are less likely to have Asthma compared to those without.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Harriet Mpairwe, the SONA Principle Investigator noted that despite the increase in the number of asthma cases, especially in the urban areas, the cause is still unknown. The two-year SONA study is being conducted among children aged five to seventeen years with funding from the Wellcome Trust and is expected to close in 2017.

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