Buganda Kingdom Premier visits Kyamulibwa field station

Kyamulibwa MRC/UVRI field station was a hive of activity on Thursday 4th December, 2014 as staff hosted the Premier, Katikiro, of the Buganda Kingdom, Mr. Charles Peter Mayiga.

The Katikiro who was in Kalungu district as part of the fundraising drive towards the Kingdom’s development initiatives, locally known as Toofali (brick-by-brick) was received and taken on a guided tour of the Unit by the deputy Director of MRC/UVRI,

Dr. Anatoli Kamali, commended MRC/UVRI for their contribution towards improving access to health care for the community members and encouraged staff to love their job. “You have a special calling from God to improve people’s lives; you ought to work with all your might, love and dedication”, the Katikiro said. Both the Unit and the Kyamulibwa field station staff contributed towards the kingdom’s fundraising drive.

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