Survey: Identifying and mitigating impact of COVID-19 on TB and HIV programmes

Researchers from LSHTM are conducting a short survey to understand ways in which HIV and TB services have been impacted during the COVID-19 crisis. We also seek to identify how disruptions can be minimised.

This survey is for people who are involved in managing or delivering TB or HIV services (doctors, nurses, community health care providers, lab scientists, policymakers, health facility managers, community groups and researchers).

Could you please help to share this with relevant people, and consider completing the survey yourself if appropriate? The survey can be accessed here and is available in Swahili, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and simplified Chinese, Arabic, Shona, Russian, and Urdu

The survey will take approximately 15 -30 minutes, and detailed information about the study and your participation in it is available before you agree to participate when you click the link provided.

Our analysis will only show aggregated data for several countries and common challenges or solutions identified; we will not share country-level data, and a report will be freely available on this site. 

If you have any questions before or after taking the survey, please contact Sonia Rego ( We are grateful for your time, and for sharing your knowledge during this challenging time.

COVID-19 Response Fund

There cannot be any complacency as to the need for global action.

With your help, we can plug critical gaps in the understanding of COVID-19. This will support global response efforts and help to save lives around the world.