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Vision and scope of the TB Centre

Established in 2012, LSHTM’s highly active TB Centre harnesses the expertise over 120 researchers with diverse disciplinary perspectives, making us one of the largest groups of TB academics in Europe.

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The TB Centre’s goal is to facilitate cutting edge research and support global and national policy to reduce the burden of TB.

We are working to achieve these goals through: innovation, collaboration, engagement and investing in the future.



1. Innovation

Members of the LSHTM TB Centre develop tools and interventions for the prevention and treatment of TB, and to provide critical evidence needed to inform policy decisions. We are distinguished by our focus on supporting cross-disciplinary research. To learn about the breadth of our research click here

2. Collaboration

We pride ourselves on our strong, long-standing partnerships with research institutes around the world. We work in collaboration with partners in more than 35 countries across Asia, Africa (including our two MRC units in Gambia and Uganda) and Latin America. With our collaborators and partners we perform innovative research in communities, countries and globally

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3. Engagement 

Activities to engage policymakers, communities and researchers include curated events, technical advisory roles, newsletters, social media updates, community engagement events (particularly in high-burden countries) and contribution to advocacy tools.

4. Investing in the future 

TB Centre members support the development of students and young researchers in TB through excellence in teaching, PhD supervision and providing opportunities for professional development.


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Learn more about the TB Centre directors, advisors and activity leads. 


The TB Centre was established with support from a Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund award.

Research by TB Centre members is funded by several national and international funding organisations including the Wellcome Trust, Medical Research Council, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, National Institutes for Health and the UK Department for International Development.

Core funding for the TB Centre is by donations.