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25 years of research and innovation into malaria, alongside our global partners.

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Our research is undertaken in over 50 countries around the world and communicated through regular events & seminars.

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Scientists standing with David Beckham for the Zero Malaria campaign, 2021

We advocate for the reduction of the global malaria burden.

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Founded in 1998, we’re a global network of over 300 researchers, postgraduate students and support staff working together in 40 countries around the world.

Powered by a rich mix of expertise


If we’re going to be adaptable enough to get ahead of malaria, we know we’ll need powerful creativity.

To spark new ideas, leap ahead and out-manoeuvre this complex disease we’ll need more minds, more perspectives, and more people working on different aspects of the challenge. 

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Driven to connect and inspire change


To accelerate progress in the fight against malaria we need to make even more of our growing, global network of colleagues and collaborators.

New ideas can come from anyone and anywhere, that’s why we’re committed to being a pivotal connector and an open partner, committed to inspire change.

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Building on a journey of 125 years


We’re not starting from a blank page at the Malaria Centre. We’re fortunate to have very tall shoulders to stand on that help us see further than ever before.

Everything we do leverages the solid foundations of  LSHTM's 125-year journey of discovery to launch us forward to deeper understanding, better insight, further breakthroughs and accelerated progress.

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