Centre for Evaluation links

We are looking for ways to strengthen our network across the School and engage our membership more proactively. We will be trialling a new network of 'Centre for Evaluation links' across the School’s departments and research groups.

Are you interested in representing the CfE among your immediate colleagues, identifying priority evaluation questions and interests and feeding them back to contribute to planning events and activities?

In the next few months we’re hoping to recruit “CfE links”. This would be a good “internal citizenship” opportunity, as well as a way to become more actively engaged with the Centre. Some of the activities “CfE link” would be expected to engage in are:

Centre events

  • Regularly attend CfE branded seminars/events such as evaluation design workshops and lunchtime seminars. Whilst we do not expect you to attend every session, the aim of this role is to create a collaborative and supportive team.
  • Rally support within respective department/research group for attendance at events
  • Communicate with department/research group to assess interest in, and identify new ideas for, CfE activities
  • Identify interesting speakers
  • Identify opportunities for evaluation design workshops within the department/research group
  • Identify members with relevant expertise and topical knowledge to review evaluation protocols during evaluation design workshops

Developing a network

  • Take part in mapping out CfE members and evaluation projects taking place around the school
  • Establish regular contact with a number of CfE members and actively connect them to the Centre

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