Meet the AMR Student Liaison Officers

Student Liaison Officers (SLOs) play a crucial role in the AMR Centre as the voice of the student body, supporting and shaping the delivery of activities for MSc Students. We are delighted to have appointed 5 new SLOs for the 2022/23 academic year.
Left to right: Afroze Suleman, Amanda Wanyana, Sombo Fwoloshi, Jabir Aliye, Manzilina Mudia.

Afroze Suleman (MSc Medical Microbiology)

“I am currently studying MSc Medical Microbiology at LSHTM. I graduated from the University of Brighton in 2020, where I studied BSc in Biomedical Sciences. Before coming to LSHTM, I worked in diagnostic laboratories in the NHS, where I developed an interest in AMR. I am particularly interested in the mechanisms behind AMR emergence - specifically hospital-acquired infections.

I believe a multidisciplinary approach is necessary to tackle AMR and keep the public informed and up to date. Through my role as an SLO, I hope to gain a wider understanding of current AMR research!”

Amanda Wanyana (MSc Epidemiology)

“I am a medical doctor from Uganda with experience in both clinical and research work, particularly in the field of HIV prevention and management. Currently, I am pursuing a Masters in Epidemiology at LSHTM. 

During my work, I have encountered the reality of the debilitating effects of AMR to the physical health and economy at both individual and nationwide levels. If not curbed, AMR could become the next pandemic we may have to contend with. Being an SLO at the AMR centre is a great opportunity for me to join in on the One Health approach to fight AMR and increase awareness and action towards it.”

Sombo Fwoloshi (MSc Epidemiology)

“I am an infectious diseases physician, researcher, and digital health enthusiast. Prior to joining the MSc Epidemiology at LSHTM, I was the HIV/TB Chief clinical mentor in Zambia. I was recognized for championing the Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO TM) for HIV/TB and COVID-19 in Zambia. 

For the past three years, I have been involved in several AMR studies at the hospital level. My most recent involvement was in the MBIRA study. Currently, I am working with the local and international teams on the Zambia Antimicrobial Resistance Interdisciplinary Action (ZARIA) study.”

Jabir Aliye (MSc Epidemiology)

“I am a medical doctor with one year of clinical experience in Ethiopia. During which, I have been collaborating on the MBIRA study to understand the impact of AMR infections in children.

Currently, I am an East and Southern African Consortium for Outbreak Epidemiology Training (ENTRANT) fellow and a Master's student in Epidemiology at LSHTM. My interest in AMR and drug-resistant infections was incited after enrolling in the AMR short course provided by the AMR centre in 2022. I would like to learn more about AMR and contribute to AMR centre as an SLO during my study and beyond.”

Manzilina Mudia (MSc Public Health)
“I am a medical doctor from Indonesia, currently studying MSc in Public Health – Health Economics Stream. I have worked in both the private and public healthcare sectors at the primary and secondary care levels -as well as a couple of AMR-related research projects. 

It was through my job that I began to learn about the AMR situation and how devastating the impact of AMR is, especially in low and middle-income countries. My interest lies in studying the economic aspect of AMR and learning cost-effective solutions to tackle it.”

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