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Expert opinion
Prof Clare Chandler
Each year, an estimated 7.7 million deaths are caused by bacterial infections, globally. Out of these deaths, about 1.27 million are attributable to bacteria which have developed resistance to antibiotics. What is antibiotic resistance and what does it mean for us?
What’s the issue?Across many types of trials, the recruitment and retention of women is a challenge. In cardiovascular trials, approximately a third of participants are women.Why is there gender inequity in clinical trials?It’s often extremely challenging to recruit people to take part in clinical trials under any circumstances, so the focus has been on recruiting sufficient numbers rather than the ratio of men and women.
Proposals to modernise UK abortion law are expected to be discussed in parliament soon and our extensive research says this would improve the lives of both women and healthcare professionals. What is the current law on abortion for the UK?
Dr Tracey Smythe
The 1.3 billion people with disabilities around the world face increased risk factors associated with poorer overall health, such as poverty, issues in older age, malnutrition and exposure to violence. While disability is diverse, people with disabilities often report experiencing similar barriers when seeking healthcare support.