Prof Clare Chandler

Professor of Medical Anthropology

United Kingdom

Clare Chandler (PhD) is a medical anthropologist whose portfolio of work connects practices, technologies and policies of health, health care and health research. She has worked on a range of health challenges including malaria, Ebola, multimorbidity, urban health, One Health and antimicrobial resistance. Her work is typically collaborative, with scholars from other disciplines as well as with other anthropologists, and cross-sectoral including animal health and agriculture as well as human health. She was co-founding Director of the LSHTM Antimicrobial Resistance Centre, which works to inspire innovation through interdisciplinary engagements and she has led the Anthropology of Antimicrobial Resistance research group at the LSHTM since 2017, bringing critical social scholarship to global health topics including drug resistance. Clare’s research is primarily ethnographic but also incorporates historical, epidemiological and interventional approaches. She has traced the roles of different antimicrobials, diagnostics and disease framings across contexts from the domestic to healthcare to policy spheres. Her long term research has taken place in Uganda and Tanzania and she has also led studies in Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Zimbabwe, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and the United Kingdom. She has a keen interest in capacity strengthening and transnational research arrangements. She has been appointed as an expert advisor on multiple governmental, inter-governmental, funding and research committees. She serves on numerous professional bodies internationally.


Department of Global Health and Development
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Centre for Evaluation
Malaria Centre
Antimicrobial Resistance Centre


At LSHTM Prof Chandler lectures on multiple courses including Medical Anthropology, Qualitative Methods, One Health, Evidence Based Policy for Public Health, Malaria, and Antimicrobial Resistance. She contributed to the development of the Framing Global Health series and the Decolonising Global Health series. Prof Chandler is a tutor on the Public Health for Development MSc and supervises a range of MSc dissertations each year.

Prof Chandler supervises a group of PhD students who study a range of topics in Africa and the UK, including ethnographies of antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance science, studies of hygiene interventions, prescribing interventions and antibiotic regulations. Her previous students have successfully completed PhDs on the social worlds of clinical trials and their participants, complex health interventions, ethnomedicines, informal healthcare, water and antimicrobial restriction policies.


Research Area
Medical anthropology
United Kingdom

Selected Publications

A pandemic of metrics.
Adams, V; CHANDLER, C; Kelly, AH; Livingston, J;
Medical anthropology quarterly
Is qualitative social research in global health fulfilling its potential?: a systematic evidence mapping of research on point-of-care testing in low- and middle-income contexts.
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The politics of irrationality.
Denyer Willis, L; Kayendeke, M; CHANDLER, CI;
Medical anthropology quarterly
A just transition for antimicrobial resistance: planning for an equitable and sustainable future with antimicrobial resistance
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Journal of multimorbidity and comorbidity
Pharmaceuticalised livelihoods: antibiotics and the rise of 'Quick Farming' in peri-urban Uganda.
Kayendeke, M; Denyer-Willis, L; Nayiga, S; Nabirye, C; Fortané, N; Staedke, SG; CHANDLER, CI;
Journal of biosocial science
Antibiotic Arrivals in Africa: A Case Study of Yaws and Syphilis in Malawi, Zimbabwe and Uganda
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Medicine Anthropology Theory
Taking Opportunities, Taking Medicines: Antibiotic Use in Rural Eastern Uganda.
Medical Anthropology
Antibiotics and the Biopolitics of Sex Work in Zimbabwe.
MANYAU, S; DIXON, J; Mutukwa, N; Kandiye, F; Palanco Lopez, P; MacPherson, EE; FERRAND, RA; CHANDLER, CI R;
Medical anthropology
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