Expert comment - Peter Piot discusses the importance of EU global pledging marathon

Global action is required to fight the current pandemic, and science is at the heart of this. Countries around the world need to put forward a joint effort to develop effective diagnostics, treatments and a vaccine against COVID-19, and ensure that they are available and affordable for all.

This is the aim of the European Commission's Global Pledging Summit. Ahead of the conference, Professor Peter Piot, Director of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine highlights why the global effort is crucial in the fight against COVID-19:

"Science and innovation have a key role to play in the path out of the COVID-19 crisis. The world must accelerate the development and universal deployment of safe and effective diagnostics, treatments, and vaccines. No person or community can be left behind.

"I look forward to tomorrow’s Global Pledging Summit and Concert, where I hope we can join forces and mobilise the considerable resources needed to make sure everyone, everywhere has access to lifesaving COVID-19 tools. Let’s Unite for our Future, and enjoy some incredible performances while we do!"

COVID-19 Response Fund

There cannot be any complacency as to the need for global action.

With your help, we can plug critical gaps in the understanding of COVID-19. This will support global response efforts and help to save lives around the world.