Antimicrobial resistance initiative launched by Dame Sally Davies

A new School initiative to address the challenge of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has been launched by Dame Sally Davies, England's Chief Medical Officer.
Richard Stabler looking at samples in the AMR lab

Resistance to antibiotics threatens modern healthcare globally. Antibiotics have been crucial in providing protection against infectious diseases and promoting the advancement of medical technologies. With growing levels of drug-resistant infections, there is an urgent need for high quality research to guide action.

Professor Dame Sally Davies gave the keynote speech at the launch of the School's new  Antimicrobial Resistance Centre. The Centre is a focus for innovative, interdisciplinary research, and international engagement. Building on the uniquely diverse expertise at the School, the Centre will strengthen the development of novel approaches to research, practice and policy, with the aim of reducing the burden of drug resistant infection around the world.

Dame Sally has long been an advocate for action on AMR, having led the international campaign that culminated in a United Nations General Assembly declaration earlier this year. Speaking at the launch, she said: "We have a duty of solidarity to sort this, we cannot step back and watch it happen, we have to work out how to make a difference. I am absolutely delighted by the launch of this Centre, by bringing people together the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine is in a great position to make a difference to the agenda."

The Antimicrobial Resistance Centre is led by co-Directors Dr Clare Chandler and Dr Richard Stabler and becomes one of the 15 School Centres that draw on a range of expertise to address global health challenges.

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