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World TB Day Symposium 2021

Mustapha Bah, Nurse Field Assistant, explains the next steps in a patient’s treatment, Fajara, MRC Unit The Gambia at LSHTM.
Credit: Louis Leeson/LSHTM

Join us on 24th March for the 11th World TB Day Symposium! The symposium, commemorating the day in 1882 when Dr Robert Koch announced his discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, will be hosted virtually this year by the LSHTM TB Centre, in collaboration with UCL-TB. This event will highlight the current TB situation in the UK and around the world, state-of-the-art research, actors involved in managing control programmes and patient care, and the people and communities that TB affects. 

On the day, four insightful and thought-provoking scientific sessions will cover experiences from the frontline in TB care and prevention, how to find the missing millions, the shifting paradigm of Mtb infection and TB disease and TB drug discovery. Speakers from LSHTM, UCL and research centres in Zambia, The Gambia and South Africa will share their experiences and recent advances in the field before engaging each other and the audience in a chaired panel discussion. 

LSHTM/UCL World TB 2021 day is open for all, and aims to bring together the global TB community. We hope the sessions provide an opportunity for researchers, clinicians and people working on the TB front line to meet and discuss new findings. 

You can find a programme below, as well as the links to join on the day. We hope to see you on the 24th!


Please note that the time listed is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)


Title of session

Chair & Speakers

Join the webinar

08.45 - 09.50 AM

Session 1: Voices from the Front Line: Patient, Healthcare Provider, and Policy Maker Perspectives

Chair: Dr Toyin Togun (LSHTM)

  • Dr Virginia Bond (LSHTM)
  • Dr Olumuyiwa Owolabi (MRC-LSHTM unit The Gambia)
  • Dr Amy Clarke (UCL)

Session 1

10.00 - 10.45 AM

Session 2: How to Find the Missing Millions?

Chair: Dr Katharina Kranzer (LSHTM)

  • Dr Lara Goscè (UCL)
  • Dr Palwasha Khan (LSHTM)
  • Professor Helen Ayles (ZAMBART)

Session 2

11.00 - 11.55 AM

Session 3: Redefining the Mtb infection and TB disease paradigms

Chair: Professor Mahdad Noursadeghi (UCL)

  • Dr Hanif Esmail (UCL)
  • Dr Jon Emery (LSHTM)
  • Dr Emily Wong (ARHI)
  • Professor Helen Fletcher (LSHTM)

Session 3

13.15 - 14.05 PM

Session 4: Accelerating Drug Discovery & Development

Chair: Dr Dimitrios Evangelopoulos (UCL)

  • Dr Dana Klug (UCL)
  • Professor Anil Koul (LSHTM)
  • Dr Angela Crook (UCL)

Session 4

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Follow webinar link. Free and open to all.