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​TB vaccines, diagnostics and biomarker discovery: the MRC Gambia TB case-contact platform

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The TB case-contact platform at the MRC Unit in The Gambia provides a unique opportunity for analysing immunity to TB across the spectrum of infection and disease. MRCG has been involved in several multi-site studies to define correlates of protective immunity to TB. However, until recently these have been mainly blood-derived. The establishment of bronchoscopy and single-cell RNA sequencing at MRCG has paved the way for identification of correlates of protection at the site of infection for rational development of next generation vaccines. 


Professor Jayne Sutherland, LSHTM

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Prof Sutherland is a Professor of Immunology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), UK and Head of the TB research group at the Medical Research Council Unit in The Gambia (West Africa). She is a clinical immunologist with a background in multi-disciplinary analysis of tuberculosis (TB) incorporating immunology, microbiology, health economics, and clinical trials. She is also a member of the WHO Strategic Advisory Group for TB (STAG-TB).

Prof Sutherland holds a PhD in Immunology from Monash University, Australia. Her PhD and early post-doctoral career focussed on developing therapeutics for stem cell transplant recipients. Her research focus changed to TB when she took up a post-doc position in The Gambia in 2006. She leads the Gambian TB case-contact (TBCC) cohort, which is run in close collaboration with the national TB program to promote health systems strengthening and public engagement. 

Prof Sutherland’s current research portfolio includes analysis of mucosal immunity to TB; clinical and immunological analysis of post-TB lung disease; the evaluation and implementation of novel point-of-care prognostic and diagnostic tests; the impact of HIV, COVID and other co-infections on TB; pre-clinical vaccine development and biomarker discovery for diagnosis and treatment response. She runs several large multi-site trials evaluating new vaccines, diagnostics, and therapeutics.  



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