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Webinar series on systematic software. Webinar 1: Rayyan

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​​The Centre for Evaluation presents a series of four lunch time webinars on systematic review software for both people who are contemplating to use such software for the first time and those who want to learn about recent developments. In each webinar, a speaker will present the software developed by their organisation. This will be followed by a discussion in which the public can ask questions and share their personal experience with the software.  

Webinar 1: Rayyan

Rayyan is an intelligent web and mobile application for systematic literature reviews.

Rayyan is on a mission to accelerate scientific and medical research around the world with its AI-powered solution for systematic literature reviews. By democratizing access to an important tool for science, Rayyan is saving thousands of years of collective human research capacity every year while unlocking all of the societal benefits of accelerated scientific and medical findings. Rayyan provides research teams capabilities that neither humans nor computers would possess alone to produce trusted evidence. Rayyan is mission driven, and member supported and today sponsors over 250,000 researchers from 180 countries with free access to its platform thanks to the support of its members. 


Robert Ayan, Rayyan Systems

Robert Ayan is Founder and CEO of Rayyan Systems, an AI / Machine Learning company that provides a SaaS web and mobile research collaboration solution for researchers to save time conducting systematic literature reviews. Formerly, Robert served as Managing Partner of Cambridge Advisors, a consultancy specialized in human, social and economic development, where he delivered turn-key projects for public and private sector clients worldwide. Robert also served as Senior Advisor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to a Presidential science diplomacy initiative during the Obama Administration. He served as Vice President of Business Development for Future Cities Development, Inc, a startup funded by Paypal's Peter Thiel that aimed to build innovative autonomous governments starting with a start-up city in Honduras. Robert previously served as Chief Strategist on the development of a science park and a national innovation system for Jordan to accelerate the growth of technology startups. Robert served as the Program Manager of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center where he helped entrepreneurs commercialize their innovations. He was a product manager at LiveVault Corporation, an early broadband enabled cloud based, B2B, SaaS, technology startup acquired by Iron Mountain. Robert earned his Master of Business Administration from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is an awarded Fellow of the MIT Carroll L. Wilson Circle, an intergenerational community of exceptional scholars, intellectuals and business entrepreneurs united around the concerns for global sustainability. Robert earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Boston University, where he studied Computer Science and Management Information Systems. 

Next webinars in the series

3 May: Covidence
17 May: Eppi-Reviewer
Date TBC: Meta-Reviewer
All 12:00 - 13:00


Free and open to all, online. No registration required.


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