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TB Diagnostics: Finding the "Missing Millions" and informing therapy

Tuberculosis remains the infectious disease with the highest diagnostic needs. There are opportunities for innovation in implementation of existing assays and for technical innovation to arrive at novel tests. The most near-term highest priority needs for diagnosis focus on rapid point of care (POC) diagnostics closer to the patient. Next highest priority is rapid decentralized drug susceptibility testing (DST) that informs regimen selection at lower levels of care and rapid expanded DST to guide individualized therapy in line with novel drug-resistant treatment guidelines. The presentation will provide a summary of innovative projects in implementation and development that have the potential to significantly influence TB patient management and have an impact on TB transmission, morbidity and mortality.

About the speaker

Dr Claudia Denkinger, Head of the TB Programme at FIND

Claudia Denkinger holds an MD, PhD and MSc TMIH from the Julius-Maximilians University in Germany, the Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK. She is a trained infectious disease specialist. Most her of research has focused on diagnostics development and clinical trialling.

The last five years she has lead the tuberculosis program at the Foundation of Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND). For her excellent work on tuberculosis diagnostics, Claudia was awarded the Gertrud Meissner Award of the European Society of Mycobacteriology in 2016.

In May this year, Claudia will leave FIND and take over the position as Director of Tropical Medicine, at the Center of Infectious Disease at the University of Heidelberg.              


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