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Special Seminars on the Epidemiological evolution of vaccines: efficacy, safety and policy

Five special seminars accompanied 2016’s ‘Epidemiological evaluation of vaccines: efficacy, safety and policy’ short course and was open to ALL staff and students at LSHTM. The schedule was as follows:

  • How to introduce a new vaccine | 4/7/16 | John Snow Lecture Theatre A
    David Salisbury, Former Director of Immunisation at the UK Department of Health, other former roles include chair of WHO Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Vaccines
  • Global Implementation of Vaccination Programs: past, present and future | 6/7/16 | John Snow Lecture Theatre A 
    David Heymann, Public Health England, LSHTM, and former Assistant Director-General, Communicable Diseases of the World Health Organization
  • Public trust in vaccines | 7/7/16 | John Snow Lecture Theatre A 
    Heidi Larson, LSHTM, Former head of Global Communication for Immunization at UNICEF and Chair of Advocacy Task Force for the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) & David Heymann
  • Optimal use of the first licensed dengue vaccine: balancing benefit against potential risks | 11/7/16 | John Snow Lecture Theatre A
    Neil Fergueson, Imperial College London, Professor of Mathematical Biology & Head of Department
  • Vaccination in emergencies: overcoming obstacles and decreasing delays | 13/7/16 | John Snow Lecture Theatre A 
    Rebecca Grais, Epicentre, Director of Epidemiology and Population Health