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Reimagining Health Systems – That Expect, Accept and Connect 1 Billion People with Disabilities

Cover page of the new Missing Billion report. It depicts 3 photos of people: a man in a wheelchair with prosthetic arms, a young girl using a white cane, and an older woman.
Photo credit: Missing Billion Initiative

​Launch event of the new Missing Billion Report - “Reimagining Health Systems – That Expect, Accept and Connect 1 Billion People with Disabilities” 

​The Missing Billion Initiative is a time-bound catalyst for system change. We aim to transform health systems to ensure better access and outcomes for people with disabilities, and truly achieve universal health coverage. Our work started with the 2019 Missing Billion report showing poorer health outcomes for children and adults with disabilities in all areas of Sustainable Development Goal 3. 

This new report (undertaken with the Clinton Health Access Initiative) builds out the evidence-base that people with disabilities are being excluded in health, leading to a staggering 10-20 life expectancy gap. The report presents a vision of inclusive health informed by the perspectives of people with disabilities and a roadmap for global health stakeholders to achieve this vision. 

The International Day for Persons with Disabilities will take place a couple days prior to our event around the theme “Transformative solutions for inclusive development”. We will take this opportunity to shed light on the solutions the Missing Billion Initiative puts forward to reach inclusive health systems. 

The event will serve as a starting point for ongoing dialogue and future partnerships. We will facilitate an interactive discussion on how, together, we can generate increased momentum in the global health community towards inclusion of people with disabilities, and by doing so achieve better health for all. 

​We hope you join us to learn about this topic and discuss with us how to really “leave no one behind”.

The event will be followed by a drinks reception in the South Courtyard.


  • Professor Hannah Kuper, LSHTM 
  • Nick Corby, UNICEF 
  • Isabella Otto, Advisor at the Sector Program Global Health, GIZ 
  • Luthfi Azizatunnisa, PhD student, LSHTM 
  • Benafsha Yaqoobi, PhD student, LSHTM 


Free and open to all. No registration required.


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