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Mini-symposium: Understanding Impacts of Diabetes Mellitus on End TB Goals

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The worldwide rise in diabetes poses a huge challenge to the fight against TB. Diabetes suppresses an individual’s immune system, making them more vulnerable to illness like TB. Recent estimates suggest as many as 15% of TB cases are among people with diabetes.

TB and diabetes together complicate treatment for each condition. TB treatment makes it more difficult to manage a patient’s glucose levels, whilst diabetic TB patients are less likely to be complete their TB treatment successfully and more likely to die from the disease. This is a particular issue in low and middle-income countries which already have the highest rates of TB and some of the largest growth rates of diabetes.

This mini-symposium seeks to highlight the importance of diabetes in contributing to the continuing TB epidemic, the need for improved understanding of this phenomena, and the necessity for multidisciplinary approaches. Participants will hear from researchers within both TB and non-communicable diseases, discussing research priorities designed to reduce the negative effects of diabetes on achieving the End TB Goals.     

This event is open to all and will appeal to academic researchers and PhD students.


This session will be live-streamed and recorded - accessible to both internal and external audience 

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Open to all, seats available on first come, first served basis.