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Malaria Centre Retreat: 2017

Malaria Centre Retreat 

All School staff and research degree students are invited to attend 

Retreat plans 
The Retreat will be for two days in April. We will include presentations, poster displays and turbo talks.

There will be plenty of time for lively debate, and this will be followed by a keynote speaker and then a reception. 

Funding for the Retreat 
The cost for us to put on the retreat is about £320 per person (for two nights) and £250 per person (for one night), the Centre is seeking to find fair ways to maximise the cost-recovery. Several groups/departments have agreed to cover the cost of their staff to attend, so please contact your group/department head to see if this is the case. 

Paying by grant code? Once you have registered, please ensure you complete this form and send it to in order for your booking to be confirmed. 

If you are not able to pay, then the Centre may be able to cover the cost of your attendance – please email with “2017 Retreat” in the subject line, explaining the circumstances.

However, places at the retreat are limited to 90 attendees and so first priority will go to those who are able to cover the cost for their attendance. If more than 90 people are able to cover their costs, then priority will go to those who registered first.

If fewer than 90 people are able to cover their cost, then registration will be allocated to those who cannot cover their cost, in order of date of email received. Those who are unable to cover their cost will be notified if their registration was successful after the 1st March.


Registration is required, please follow the URL below.