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Intra-partum Azithromycin: Impact on AMR?

Co-hosted by the AMR and MARCH centres, hear from Anna Roca from the MRC in The Gambia as she asks the question: Oral intra-partum azithromycin to decrease neonatal and maternal sepsis in The Gambia – Should we worry about the impact on antibiotic resistance in gram positives? This is part of the AMR Centre lunch time seminar series.    


Anna Roca

Dr Anna Roca is an infectious disease epidemiologist with significant experience leading research groups in Southern and Western Africa. She has served in several international pneumonia experts groups; including WHO, BMGF, GBD and DoV. Dr Roca’s work includes studies on the transmission dynamics of bacterial infections and how these dynamics are modified by public health interventions that are deployable in resource-constraint settings. During the last few years her portfolio has mainly focused on the impact of using oral azithromycin (through mass drug administration or administration of the drug during labour) on bacterial transmission, severe infection (i.e. sepsis and meningitis) and mortality. Her work extends into the effect of these interventions on establishing antibiotic resistance in the community. Her current role at the MRCG at the LSHTM is Deputy Theme Leader of one of the three research themes at the Unit, Disease Control and Elimination, which has more than 250 employees. Dr Roca is a member of the Scientific Coordinating Committee and Leadership at the Unit and as such part participates in strategic decision.  


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