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Intervention to foster early childhood development evaluation, sustainability and scalability

Professor Orazio

The Centre of Excellence for Development Impact and Learning (CEDIL) and the Centre for Evaluation are convening a lecture series addressing methods and innovation in primary studies.


Lecture 6: Intervention to foster early childhood development evaluation, sustainability and scalability


Early Childhood Interventions have recently received much attention.  The consensus is that ECD interventions can ‘work’ and be very effective and important.  The new challenges however are: (i) understand how interventions work and how they obtain the observed effects, through which channels, at what age, and so on, and (ii) how to scale up effective interventions. The answer to the second question is related to the answer of the first.  Orazio will present some concrete examples of these issues in this lecture.

Professor Orazio is the Research Director of IFS and one of the Directors of the ESRC Centre for the Microeconomic Analysis of Public Policy (CPP) and co-directs the Centre for the Evaluation of Development Policies (EDePo).  Orazio is a Professor at UCL, and a Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic and Policy Research.  In 2001 he was elected Fellow of the Econometric Society and in 2004 he was elected as a Fellow of the British Academy and is currently President of the European Economic Association.


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Lecture 10 (6 March 2019): Title to be confirmed Joanna Busza

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Lecture 12 (5 June 2019): Evidence for Action in New Settings: The importance of middle-level theory, Nancy Cartwright 


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