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Greenwood Africa Lecture 2022 with Dr Corine Ngufor

Staying ahead of the insecticide resistance arms race for effective malaria vector control in Africa

Event card with text: Greenwood Africa Lecture 2022 with Dr Corine Ngufor

Vector control plays a key role in the control of vector-borne diseases. The dramatic reductions in malaria morbidity and mortality over the last about two decades, has been attributed to the large-scale deployment of insecticide-treated nets (ITNs) and indoor residual spraying (IRS). However, insect vectors via an evolutionary process, have developed resistance to the insecticides that are delivered through these interventions, threatening to undermine their efficacy.  

Summing up a decade of her research activities, Dr Corine Ngufor, will present findings that contributed towards the development of a new generation of ITN and IRS products that can effectively control insecticide-resistant malaria vector populations in Africa and the identification of suitable methods for evaluating their efficacy and durability. These include dual ITNs such as pyrethroid-chlorfenapyr nets, pyrethroid-PBO nets and pyrethroid-pyriproxyfen nets and new IRS insecticides with modes of action such as clothianidin, chlorfenapyr and broflanilide.  

Dr Ngufor will also discuss strategies that can be implemented to optimise the impact of these new vector control products and delay the development of resistance to the insecticides involved.  

Finally, she will provide an update on the vector control product development process and what strategies are in place to ensure the continuous availability of high-quality malaria vector control products that will enable us to stay ahead of the insecticide resistance arms race against the insect vector. 


Headshot of Dr Corine Ngufor, LSHTM

Dr Corine Ngufor is an Associate Professor at LSHTM and a lead scientist at the Centre de Recherche Entomologique de Cotonou, Ministry of Health, Benin. She completed her MSc (2010) and PhD (2014) in public health entomology from LSHTM. She leads a diverse collaborative research programme of 65 members in Benin focused on developing new effective vector control tools. She has led several research grants funded by the Innovative Vector Control Consortium, World Health Organization (WHO), United States Agency for International Development, Gates Foundation, Global Fund, UNITAID and various chemical companies that have contributed to the development of a new generation of ITN and indoor residual spray IRS for controlling insecticide-resistant malaria vectors and the identification of suitable methods for evaluating their efficacy and durability.  

She serves in several WHO advisory groups, is a member of the vector control advisory committee of the national malaria control programme in Benin and is co-Chair of the vector control working group of the Roll Back Malaria Partnership.  

Corine is passionate about developing research capacity in Africa, training younger research scientists, and supporting the careers of African women scientists. 

The Greenwood Africa Award

Dr Corine Ngufor and Dr Melissa Kapulu are joint recipients of the 2022 Greenwood Africa Award. The awards will be conferred at LSHTM’s Graduation Ceremonies in July 2022.

Greenwood Africa Lecture 2022 with Dr Melissa Kapulu - 27 July 2022

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