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Food waste - what happens? Tracing LSHTM waste from bin to farm

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LSHTM’s Planetary Health Week 2020

The waste contractor responsible for food waste at LSHTM will explain what happens to the food we do not consume, or we throw away. The audience will be able to know what happen after the bin and ask questions related to this management process.

This event is also open to anyone from outside LSHTM, because knowing how food waste is manage is something everyone should know.     

Grundon is our new waste contractor, it is a family owned business which has started in 1929. Their food waste management services make sure that institutions decrease their footprint by not sending a lot of waste to the landfill.

An advantage to their food waste recycling service is that all the food waste Grundon collects is sent to anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities, where naturally occurring organisms break it down to produce biogas, which is then converted into renewable electricity and fed into the National Grid; in addition to producing fertiliser which is used for agriculture and land regeneration.


This event is part of LSHTM’s Planetary Health Week 2020. Find other events here, or email to find out more.


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Cami Moss